January 8, 2008

Cotton jacquard baby hanky set of 30

This is one of our best sellers.
Set of 30 cotton jacquard baby hankies (actual print may differ slightly from pic). The set comes in a mixture of different prints like Hello Kitty, teddy bears or cars, etc. Not able to choose the colors because it's a set by itself. These hankies are thin enough to be able to slip into your pockets or anywhere comfortably but yet durable enough to withstand several washings. They are not the towery type so they don't collect dust and are hygenic.


Yarngoddess said...

These are Super Soft, and Super Absorbent! Every family should buy these and stop buying facial tissues because these are the bomb!

Yarngoddess said...

It's been a year since I ordered these hankeys, and I have to say that they have beena LIFESAVER! I have 4 kids and we are always running out of kleenex. I have since stopped bying kleenex because these hankeys are so much better! We use them in the shower, diaper bag, kitchen, for noses, for spills, for anything and really everything. I cannot reccomend these enough! Fabulous item!!!