January 6, 2008

Modern podegi with buckle

This is the modern version of a podegi. It comes with adjustable straps and a buckle and the "panty" looking seat inside to prevent slipping through. I personally think the traditional wide blanket pod is more useful because this waist belt is not so adjustable but rather sewn down and is more of a "decoration".
For the normal wide blanket pod, you can adjust the straps anyway you want because they are just 2 pieces of long straps at your disposure.

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Anonymous said...

I have this carrier in Navy. Overall its pretty decent.
Some things to consider before purchasing this carrier is the following:
If your above a XL in clothing size, this will probably not fit very well.
I have extensive experience using chunei and traditional wide blanket podaegis and one qualm I have with this is the straps dont feel as comfortable as I feel they should. They are padded but its just the way the straps are, I have trouble getting them very comfortable (and I'm also used to narrow, unpadded strapped carriers so padding doesnt matter to much for me)
Also, I feel this carrier is best for a baby under 1. Althought a toddler can and does fit in this carrier. This is because you need to have the child sit in the "panty" piece that is inside the carrier and the waist strap really doesnt go under, supporting the childs behind, like a normal podaegi would. So basically you have the child supported on your back in the panty piece and the waist strap really just keeps them snug against your back. For a newborn or a baby under 1 or a toddler who is really short, it would be pretty easy to keep them comfortable and straddling your waist, with a taller, longer child (my son is extremely tall!) the carrier doesnt keep their legs straddling your waist. I know after a short wear my son usually gets fussy in this carrier.
Again, if he was younger or a newborn, this would be an ideal carrier but for an older child, this really isn't that great.

Otherwise, the support is pretty good, color (esp Navy) is nice and basic and its nice and warm!