January 6, 2008

Short wide blanket podegi

This is the short wide blanket podegi. It is a one piece fabric that measures about 148cm x 50cm and has long straps on each end (straps measure about 145cm each side). It comes with a small pocket for storage purpose. It is best for home use or a short trip to run errands. It is easy to handle because you can carry baby all by yourself without the help of others. Either have the strap across your shoulder for more support or off the shoulder for hands-free. Because it is short, it is also good for the summer because it will not cover all of baby's legs. When not in use, it also acts as a blanket to cover baby in the stroller.

I own one of these personally and I feel it's very useful for a quickie use like at home when you need to do housework and then baby wants to be carried.

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