February 23, 2008

i-phyeonhae (a.k.a. Baby Comfort)

I-phyeonhae in Korean literally translates to BABY COMFORT in English. I was at the Seoul babyfair exhibition for baby products this afternoon to visit their booth. Above are pics of my husband and 2yr old Jaimie in the chunei!
They have many baby products like pillows, accessories, etc., but the most popular and well known are still their baby carriers. In Korea, everywhere we go, we see someone using it. There are like almost 10 different kinds of carriers but I would say the best selling ones are the Noblesse chuneis. I had my husband try one with my daughter and because she is quite big, the XL size fitted perfectly. So if we plan to use the carrier with our husbands, then XL would be a better fit. If not, the regular size is fine for up to XL shirt wearers because it stretches on the sides.

I met a French lady there and she got the mesh chunei in the floral pink. She was getting that to replace the Baby Bjorn. Cheers to Baby Comfort!

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Yarngoddess said...

How very exciting to have been there with your family! Your husband looks great wearing the blue flower baby comfort! Jaimie is a very pretty girl!