February 2, 2008

Konggi doll & podegi toy set

Price: US$29.90
Postage: $34 (insured mail)
Shipping weight category: 2 kilos
This is a very lovely toy set for your little princess. It comes with a Konggi doll, a magic milk bottle and a child size podegi. Konggi is the name of a girl in old Korean tales, like Cinderella. The pod measures 51.5cm x 25cm and straps are 46cm long. There is visual milk in the bottle that seems to disappear as the child feeds the doll. Your child can carry the doll in the podegi.
It is a popular toy in Korea now. Because kids learn from role play, it's effective in helping the elder child to learn how to take care and love their younger siblings.
* This comes in a box so it is too bulky to go under normal airmail and has to go under REGISTERED PARCEL.

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Yarngoddess said...

How cute is that??? That is just darling! Makes me wish I was a little kid again! That is going to make some little kids very happy! That also plants the Babywearing idea early, and may help make slings and babywearing the "norm" for the next group of parents!