March 10, 2008

I-Phyeonhae mesh chunei

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This is the mesh chunei from I-Phyeonhae (translated as Baby Comfort), a well known Korean brand of baby carriers.
The mesh is soft and comfortable. Comes in both sizes like the cotton version (refer to the cotton one for sizing).

- sides are stretchable to accomodate the growing baby.
- does not have hood.
- has the safety seat inside (for smaller babies).
- no drool patch.
- has a removable back padding (looks like a soft board) for smaller babies.
- for bigger babies the padding can be removed for a softer feel and then the built in headrest can be folded when baby is not sleeping.
- shoulder straps are almost unpadded (very very light padding).
- there is webbing on the shoulder straps, making it easy to adjust even when baby is on.
- small pocket on the front of the "vest" (after you wear it, it looks like a vest).
- the part where baby's bottom will sit is pleated and shaped like a built in seat.

*It comes with a matching diaper bag if desired. Pls look under Accessories for baby.
* Check the cotton version for sizing details. They are the SAME.


Anonymous said...

The mesh is just as sturdy and comfy as the regular non-mesh Baby Comfort Chunei w/ the added benefit of it being a bit cooler and more comfortable during warmer weather. I have it in denim and while it's definitely not scorchingly hot outside yet, my husband and I like to take really long walk around the city and this is a really comfy and cool chunei for that.

Denise said...

I just got the floral sky mesh chunei a couple of weeks ago. We (my 4 month old and I) love it! Very comfortable, and the removable padding lets air flow through the mesh back easily, making it nice and cool. This is great since we're in the midwest USA and while it is nice outside, some places still have the heat on making it very toasty inside! With the mesh we stay nice and comfortable, not sweaty like with some other carriers. I am small (5'3" and a size med.) but I got the XL so my husband (6'1" and a XL size) can wear it too. Even though I could have gone with the smaller size for myself, I can still wear the XL very very comfortably. The safety seat is great for when I want to put the baby on my back but am alone with her and her 2 year old sister. Makes things a lot less challenging!

Jasmina said...

We had a great experience getting our BC Mesh Chuney from Jen. :) It arrived very quickly, especially considering where it was coming from.

We had great communication regarding sizing. I almost ended up getting the regular size, but since I'd planned to have my husband use this carrier to, it was prudent to get the next size up. Since I wasn't used to the chunei, at first it seemed too small but I think once the elastic on the sides had a chance to stretch a little now it fits perfectly.

My daughter is over 25lbs and probably closer to 30 and I can wear her in this chunei for very long periods of time now that she is used to it. It's very comfortable for both of us. I don't take out the insert in the back because I feel more secure with it in place. She is a 'leaner' and I'm afraid she'll lean too far back without it. I've stopped using the safety seat too and she seems to be much happier about that.

Getting this chunei was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Dealing with Jen is a breeze. You rock!