February 19, 2009

Criss-cross strap podegi

Price: $29.90

This is the traditional wide blanket podaegi with the straps on the top of the fabric to create more support and security. After getting baby on your back, bring the straps over your head and towards your chest where you cross them and bring it towards your back under baby's bottom and once again towards your body to tie. Because of the position of the straps, you won't feel baby moving left and right. The straps work like the straps of a back pack, creating a nice pocket for baby to be in. There are press studs on the part where the straps will cross (on your chest) so the straps won't run back towards your neck to choke.
** Also available in the exact designs in short summer MESH version (55cm) at the same price.

** Note that the fabric is slightly narrower than the regular wide blanket podaegi so it may not be suitable for bigger sized ladies.

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Kelly said...

I am currently living in Korea and looking for something like this. I have not been able to find it. Any suggestions? Thanks.