September 21, 2009

Pororo hangeul professor rocks.... at least for us!

My 3.5 yr old Jaimie knew all the letters of the alphabet since about a year ago but she knew nothing about Korean hangeul.. because I did not bother to teach her. :p
Her Papa had been complaining and ok I thought I needed to do something. Thanks to a Korean friend of mine who recommend this Pororo Hangeul Bak-sa (Hangeul professor). She claimed it's very good because it comes with the sound of the words and with pics and kids will somehow pick it up on their own. It also comes with some flash cards. I just "threw" this toy to her and she indeed picked it up on her own (easy for me!!)!!!
She is now able to read about 10 words even without the pictures.. this is one good thing about Korean characters - it's easy to pick up.
I think I need to think of how to make her read English words, which I think is not so easy :(

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Haniza Schlosser said...

Let me know if you need English books or flash cards. :) I can mail them to you.