January 23, 2010

New! Hello Kitty buckwheat husks pillow

There are many kinds of pillows in Korea ranging from jade, green tea, herb, peach seed, rice, buckwheat husks, etc.. I must say the pillow culture is indeed very funky.
One of the most commonly used is the buckwheat husks pillow.
I remember before I gave birth, my mother wanted to make a "rice" pillow. She claimed they used it in the olden days for sleeping babies. Because the pillows take the shape of whatever is being laid on or wherever it rests on, the pillow will drape nicely over baby's stomach and the weight will create some security for the sleeping baby.
Buckwheat husks pillow have become so easily available now that we do not have to make them by ourselves anymore. I like the fact that the buckwheat husks are “airy” and not only for the stomach, they work well for the head too. The pillow takes on the shape of the baby’s head, creating a natural contour for the head/neck. The husks also produce a soothing sandy sound.
I recently came across these in Hello Kitty designs! And the best part is, it's licensed produced by Sanrio Korea. Wow!! Of course I had to get hold of a few for our store. :)

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