June 29, 2010

Pororo "yo" mattress set

I have to be secretive when posting this because my daughter will insist she wants a set too. Check this super cute Pororo mattress set. It's Korean culture to sleep on the floor on a "yo" which means a mattress, like a futon in Japan. This set is single size and is suitable for newborns up to adults. It comes with the mattress and mattress case, comforter and pillow. I am very particular about mattresses so I specially picked the Mokhwa som (cotton filling) to go with this set for our store. The reason why I love Mokhwa som is because it is fluffy and the mattress is really cushiony compared to polyester filled mattresses. Polyester is cheaper but after a few months, the mattress just sinks and you can't use it anymore.
All my mattresses at home are cotton filled and even after 6 years, they are still as fluffy as new!

Now, this set is really huge and heavy so only EMS express mail is available. See our site for more details.

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