July 27, 2010

New project - name chop

I have always been a great lover for oriental/traditional stuff. I love those Chinese character name chops simply for the reason that they are so oriental and classic. In Korea everyone owns a name chop (dojang 도장). Koreans use it on all documents alongside their signature. When I gave birth to my daughter 4 years ago, one of the first things my husband did was to get her a name chop. Even a baby has one! But it was a cheap and normal wooden kind which cost only like $2.

Over the weekend, I actually was planning to start on this new project for my store. I wanted to take in orders for name chops. And while searching for the right supplier, I ended up doing one for her because I just couldn't resist and now I am totally in LOVE with this set. I will be doing another one for my son.

Check our store for details on ordering.

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