January 18, 2011

I-Phyeonhae Noblesse Chunei - change of sizing

From 2011, I-Phyeonhae is resizing the Noblesse chunei. There used to be 2 sizes, regular and XL but going forward, there will only be 1 size and that is a free size which is an in-between the regular and XL size. It stretches up to approx. 137cm.

We are still in transition so there is a mixture of sizes in our inventory now and we will continue to sell what is left (reg and XL) but certain colors are only available in the new size - free size.

In the midst of this transition, the hangtags for the free size chuneis may not be available so your free size chunei could use a "regular size" hangtag with the "free size" sticker pasted over.
Please do not doubt the authencity of your item because we are still in transition. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

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