June 26, 2011

Adult lunchboxes added (and why I only carry stainless items in our store)

I have been getting many requests for adult lunchboxes. Many people like the idea of a 2 tier lunchbox with the carrier bag but definitely not in the Hello Kitty or Pororo designs which we have. So I decided to add on this 2 tier stainless lunchbox for adults.

Now, many people ask me why I only carry stainless steel ware. The answer is because I am a health conscious person myself. I must admit those plastic lunchboxes in Hello Kitty or other sanrio designs have been my dream since young. However now that I am a mother, I am more aware of issues like BPA and want the safest stuff for myself and my family.

However I guess we can't avoid plastic altogether. As you know, even though the set is made of stainless steel, the lids are not. That's because, the lids can't be in stainless steel since it's supposed to be air tight. There has to be that "rubber ring" to be filled into the little gap at the edge of the lid so it will be air tight and spill free. Nevertheless, in my personal opinion, stainless steel containers are still much safer compared to the 100% plastic.

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