July 16, 2011

장마가 끝나 가요!! (The rainy season is coming to an end!)

Finally, after about 1 month of rain, the rainy season (장마) is finally coming to an end this week. Every summer, there will be about 1 month of rain. Everyone hates this because it becomes so humid. Laundry is not dry, house is damp and feels uneasy and we can't go out as often we want....

But thanks to the rain, I have been going to the post office almost everyday. ^^
That's because I'm just worried that if I waited, it might rain heavier and I can't go out at all. I didn't want to delay any orders due to the rain.
Anyway, I am glad it is coming an end. We are so looking forward to the HOT SUMMER SUN!!!

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