December 14, 2011

A peek into my work station 2011

It's been a long time since I blogged (other than listing new products).
Today I decided to share some pictures of how I have been working for 2011. :)

Almost everyday is the same in and out - packing packages, walking to the PO, updating excel spreadsheets & paperwork, making phone calls to suppliers, email responding, surfing for new items, planning and costing. Not to mention the duties of a full time mom and housewife!!

That's why I seldom get to do alot on our FB page or blog. But I thank God for providing all these!!

2011 has been a very good year for me and my family - work wise and health wise. We look forward to a blessed 2012 and will continue to work hard to bring quality products to everyone!

Merry Christmas and a BLESSED New Year!!!

A typical crazy day. These boxes were going out by EMS.

Regular mail for small packages. Mostly to the US. I have been using these soft vinyl mailing bags for years. They are great because they can contain irregular items especially the plush toys and yet they are so durable.

My favourite bags when I go to the PO. Thank God I am able to hang them on my son's stroller and survive the walk to the PO regardless of rain, snow or shine. But he is starting school March 2012 so I won't have the stroller to push around, meaning I have to carry them myself. =.=

For most items going out by regular airmail, we are upgrading to get a registration number at our own expense so if it gets lost or delayed, we can file for an official investigation with our local post office. Since this is not "registered parcel with priority" , some countries do not keep track of the transit details but if our customers come back saying they have not received, at least I can file for an official investigation with my PO based on the registration number.

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