January 24, 2008

About me

The people behind The Korean Baby..... (from left) Jen, Jaimie, Jadon and Moon.

I am a Singaporean mom living in South Korea. My husband is Korean and my 2 kids are my "Korean Babies". I started this blog in January 2008 talking only about baby carriers but now, there is a variety of baby products. In 2007, I created a similiar blog open only to Singaporeans but some American moms found it and started buying the podaegi so I knew a bit about baby wearing in the US. Unfortunately due to poor traffic, I eventually closed it.

Before this blog, I was selling only the podaegi on ebay to the US. While doing so, I would get many inquiries asking me to help purchase other kinds of Korean carriers since I was living in Korea. Whenever I got such a request, I would send the pictures and let them know the prices. Then I decided to start the blog thingy again to put all information so everyone can see. This is the proud reincarnation of my old blog which failed last year!

I am just helping friends (from anywhere) get Korean products straight from Korea. It's like asking your Korean friend to help get something from where she is living. Through my blog, readers can also get to know the different kinds and brands of products there are in Korea.

I get the items as a consumer myself at local retail prices. I convert the prices to USD based closely on the exchange rate paypal quotes me (when I withdraw my cash to local bank) and I have to cover the paypal fees when receiving money (about 5%) and of course add a little profit to make my stay at home more fun. All my earnings go to the air tickets fund for our yearly trip for 4 people to Singapore to visit grandma and grandpa.

Let me know if you are looking for any other Korean products that are not in my blog. There are just SO MANY kinds of things sold in Korea that I cannot list them at once and I once helped purchase instant coffee mix for someone in the US. ^.~


Yarngoddess said...

Jen is a great person to do business with! Excellent communication during and after your sale. She is very quick with her end of the deal, and she takes the time and energy to make you happy! I LOVE dealing with the Korean Baby, and Jen and am already a return customer!

Bo said...

yay! for another singapore/korean person (?) I'm a Korean mom who used to live in Singapore.

Valerie said...

Hi, Jen! Thank you for your awesomest business!