January 27, 2008

Real life pics of users in the different carriers

Mona and her baby in the i-phyeonhae cotton chunei, Flower Sky, regular size.

Myself (Jen) wearing my 2mo Jadon in the Baby Comfort cotton blue jean in XL size.

Kellie wearing Jacen (17mos, 25lbs) in the Baby Comfort cotton chunei, Flower Red regular size.

Leslie in the Woori cotton chunei, red stripe colorway.

My husband and 2yo Jaimie in the Baby Comfort Flower Blue cotton chunei, XL size. He is 178cm (5'10") and 74kg (163 lbs).

Kellie in her Baby Comfort Blue Jean mesh, regular size.

Julie wearing Angeline in the Baby Comfort Flower Orange cotton chunei, in regular size.

Renee in the Woori seersucker chunei, Wave Stripe colorway.

Joanne in the Baby Comfort Flower Blue chunei in regular size.

Denise with her little Reese in the Baby Comfort Floral Sky mesh chunei in XL size because she wanted to share with her husband.

Denise and her 6 months old little man in the Baby Comfort denim cotton chunei in XL size.

Bailey and Ibrahim in the Espoir padded shoulder chunei (no longer available in The Korean Baby due to quality issues).

Cheryl and Autumn in the Baby Comfort blue jean mesh chunei in regular size.

Leslee in the Baby Comfort Flower Sky cotton chunei (regular size) and she obviously loved it!

Bailey with Ibi in the Woori ring sling.


l said...

Jen is awesome to work with! Order your Chunei today! Thanks, Leslee

Anonymous said...

I bought the chunei in the first pictures from Bailey on TBW. It is now the first carrier I reach for and usually stays in the car so we're never out and about without it. I was able to wear my baby for 7 hours without discomfort. Since I have really weak shoulders, this isn't something I've ever been able to do before, even though I'd tried various carriers (stretchy wrap, mei tai, ring sling, pouch). I now use a woven wrap, podaegi, and the chunei. I plan on adding a lighter weight chunei for the warmer weather to my collections soon!