May 31, 2008

I-Phyeonhae chunei sizing

I-Phyeonhae is a Korean brand/manufacturer and I am an authorised SAHM seller for the i-phyeonhae products.

In all Korean sites (including The Korean Baby) that are selling this carrier, the sizes are very straightforward:

Regular (also called normal) - up to about 125cm/49".
XL (also called big size)- up to about 140cm/55".

The manufacturer doesn't make any other special sizes except these 2 which are named "regular" and "XL" in KOREA and in KOREAN.

The Korean Baby does NOT modify the term or measurements of any sizes. Any information seen in The Korean Baby is taken directly from the manufacturer and then being translated directly.

For better reference, please refer to real life pics of mamas who got the carriers or sizing comparison.

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