September 4, 2008

I-Phyeonhae baby wrapper chunei

Price: $99
Baby wrapper chunei manufactured locally by I-Phyeonhae. A hidden SSC (soft structured carrier) in a chunei.

- Centrefront zipper instead of velcro.
- Interior structured waistband instead of safety seat/belt.
- Removable back padding with hood attached.
- Sides are stretchable.
- Padded shoulder straps


Caitlin said...

I am really excited about the new floral prints, but since the price is higher than the older styles (of the same brand) it makes me wonder if I should go with one of their older styles to save money. Any insight on why the price is higher and do you think it's worth it? Is the difference significant? Thanks!

jellies said...

The wrapper chunei is actually an SSC (soft structured carrier) and not a real chunei. It looks like a chunei on the outside but has the SSC waist belt on the inside and works differently from the older models which is just an ordinary traditional chunei.
The price difference lies in the fabric and material choice. If you are looking for a traditional chunei the Noblesse will be good for you.

Anonymous said...

So nice design and interesting baby carrier. I wonder if this carrier could be something for me? It looks like it is for smaller babies or am I wrong? My baby is 8 months but she is very big (weight 11kg and more than 80cm), and so long I used a woven carrier or a Mei Tai. Thanks for your informations and kind regards!