July 26, 2009

Our up and coming store!

I am proud to inform that we will soon be having our very own store at http://www.thekoreanbaby.com/

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Yonici at By Nodesigns who is currently helping us with the web design and programming. We are not moving as yet so please continue to place your orders via this blog as usual. In the meantime, please update your bookmark and continue to check in on us!

Thank you for all your support!


Nikki @ Euphoria Luv said...

I just found your site. Very nice

m said...

Hi! How much longer until your shop opens? Will it have mroe items. Thanx! Very excited.

jellies said...

Hello from The Korean Baby! Yes we will have more items and purchasing will be easier. We are still working with the programmer and touching up on the final details. We estimate the end of August.