February 24, 2010

Fellow Singaporeans, pls help Charmaine.

A friend of mine told me about Charmaine. I didn't know about her story because I was in Korea and never got to see/hear about it on the media in Singapore. I never pitied or felt the pain personally for people in need especially for children until I became a mother myself.

I know there are many people suffering but Charmaine is almost the same age as my elder daughter and her mama Cynthia is 1 year younger than me so it's like as if we are friends. I cannot imagine my daughter having to suffer that way too or me having to shuttle between hospital and home, home and hospital.

My husband comes home late like 11pm or sometimes 1~2am most of the time and being "alone" here in Korea with 2 toddlers the whole day, most of the times I find myself going crazy because of the screaming, crying, fighting for toys, etc. - the typical toddler behavior. But at least I have that 11pm (husband coming home) to look forward to but Cynthia doesn't. :(
It must be so lonely physically and mentally for Cynthia to be alone in NY with her 2 kids, not there on holiday but seeking treatment for her sick child. How very very sad.

I want to offer mental and emotional support if I can but I don't know how I can since I am in Korea. Like most people, I figured the only help I can offer is in monetary terms.

I want to let all Singaporeans know that whenever you shop at our site, part of the proceeds will go to Charmaine so she can continue to seek treatment. Because I watched on TV before that most of the times, in most cases, children with cancer CAN get cured with treatment but if without the money, it's not possible. I know I cannot afford to help her with that half a million USD or something but I believe if everyone is willing to do what they can, the end result can be big.

But I think above anything else, just keeping her in our thoughts is more important.

Charmaine and family, Jia You!!!

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