March 8, 2010

Back to school~~~

Last week my daughter started pre-school and all of a sudden, I found myself having to dig stuff out from my inventory for her to use at school. I really liked this idea of "saving money" :)

The Korean play schools or kindergarten are such that kids will lunch and nap in school and we are supposed to provide whatever is required. For lunch, we were given a stainless lunchbox plate as a gift when we signed her up. And I had to top it up with the Hello Kitty chopsticks set, the one that comes with the little box. The kids will finish lunch and bring the dirty lunchboxes and cutlery home for us mothers to wash. How "brilliant" !

So I had to give her the ones that come with the box.

As for nap time, besides quilt and mattress (yes we had to bring to school too!), she got the Hello Kitty buckwheat husks pillow and she loved it. I think she is happy to get presents from my inventory because each time she sees me stock up on those cute items she will ask if they are for her. The answer is always - "no, it's for the baby in another country". How sad! :p

And because of those BPA issues, I decided to get her a stainless waterbottle. While searching, I found more Pororo items and knew I had to add them to my store because they are just too cute to resist!!

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