May 2, 2010

The doshirak (lunchbox) culture

Last week my daughter had the 1st excursion trip in her life. The school took them on a spring field trip to some park and mothers were supposed to prepare the lunchbox. It is a different culture from Singapore. Not sure how the kindergartens do it now but in my time, we had the option to either bring food from home or to buy our lunch at public places like the food centres or Macdonalds. So we all loved excursions because they meant Macdonalds. :p

I had to wake up at 6am to prepare the food for her. Usually Korean mothers will make the kimbab (california roll) but it was too time consuming. I just did a quick one - rice balls (Japanese styled onigiri) and whipped up an egg roll (Korean's kyeran mari).

She totally loved the Hello Kitty lunchbox set. I am glad that I could just use the Hello Kitty stuff from my inventory for her. Presenting the very 1st time ever doshirak for my little Korean Baby, Jaimie.

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