July 25, 2011

Just discovered a new educational program - 똑똑박사 에디

똑똑박사 에디 literally translates to Eddy the smart professor. It is a new Pororo cartoon that focus mainly on Eddy. Eddy has always been the smartest of them all, inventing vehicles, creating robots, etc. This time, he plays the role of a smart professor who "hosts" the cartoon.

I found this incidentally while watching EBS one morning with my children. Koreans love to have the TV on at meal times and I have to switch to the kids channel if not my kids won't stay still to eat. So that's probably how I get to know about all the kids' stuff. Anyways, I love this cartoon personally because of the IQ questions and quizes. One particular one I remember is this sequencing/pattern quiz. Eddy made his friends complete the missing parts of the pattern, for example:

Square, Square, Circle, Circle, ______, ______, Circle Circle.

This may seem so easy to us but with the colorful 3D animation, my daughter enjoyed answering and shouting out the answers because she knew time was short. She wanted to get it before Eddy announced the answer. It's more like a TV game for kids. And at that moment, I knew I had to introduce this to our store.

In conclusion, the whole program is very interesting and I believe kids will enjoy. However, the only draw back is - it is dubbed only in Korean (with English subtitles) so parents will have to sit down with your kids to watch together if they can't understand alot of Korean. Even so, I believe kids can make out something when they see the animation because kids have great understanding, we should not underestimate them. ^^
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