July 28, 2011

Special custom orders for Parklon mats (Pororo)

I have been getting several custom orders for this LG Parklon Pororo mats so I decided I will post here for all who are interested. Only available for shipping to Singapore because of the postal size limitations. These mats will be personally purchased by me from LG Parklon here in Korea.

Pororo Picnic - S$309.90
Pororo & Friends - S$301.90

Every mat will come with a bottle (50ml) of special cleaning fluid, specially for your mat.

All mats will be shipped within 3 to 4 working days and take 2 days to arrive Singapore. We will ship them by high priority expressmail EMS, right to your doorstep.

Your mat will be rolled (with plastic bag)and packed in a long and slim carton box. There is no separate carrier bag.

Please make the payment to our POSB savings bank (bank account details will be advised in email).
Pls send your orders to jen.soo@thekoreanbaby.com.

For more information on mat dimensions, please check our facebook page.

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