October 3, 2011

Our discount coupon system is now back!

We are pleased to announce that our coupon system is back! In our old website, we issued discount coupons manually but because of system limitations, we stopped them. Now with our new system, coupon issuing is such a breeze so we are back with them.

Not only are they back but back with improvements!

1. The total amount spent to be entitled to the coupon now includes your shipping fee spent. We didn't consider shipping fee previously but we put ourselves in your shoes and understand that shipping fee spent is still part of your total expenditure!

2. The coupon can be used on sale items and, simply off the total purchase, inclusive of shipping fee! Previously, the discount was only applicable to item cost, exclusive of shipping fee but we understand that since international shipping fee makes up quite a big of your total expenditure, we decided to include it.

This is one of the many ways to show our appreciation to all our valued customers and we hope that you find these coupons helpful.

For more information on our coupons, please refer to our website.

1 comment:

Michal said...

It is good to know that you are back with your promotional code system.