October 4, 2011

Our archived folder

I thought I should share this so there won't be confusion. In July 2011, we revamped our website with new design and new buying system. However we wanted to retain the old design and information for reference so we shifted the old website onto an archived folder which is still appearing on search engines.

The archived folder is basically our old design. Just think - we shifted house but put all our old stuff in a warehouse. If you ever chance upon our archived folder, please do not get confused. And if you take a closer look, the address of our archived folder is actually different.

Archived folder = http://www.thekoreanbaby.com/sections/home

Website address = http://www.thekoreanbaby.com/

Here's how the archived one look likes. It is basically our old design with all information but backdated so please do not refer to any information on our archives.

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Journey Doula said...

I am happy to find this. :) I've had 2 children in Korea and have started blogging about babies, birth and Korea. http://www.journeydoula.com/ I am writing a piece on 1st birthdays. Would you like to collaborate?