November 10, 2011

Happy Pepero Day 2011

11th November is the unofficial Valentine's day in Korea. It is known as Pepero Day (뻬뻬로데이) and is mostly celebrated by couples. Couples and friends exchange Pepero on this day and it is also said that if you propose on Pepero Day, you are sure to succeed. :)

Pepero is actually a chocolate dipped biscuit stick produced by Lotte Confectionary. When 4 sticks are put together, they resemble the numbers 11.11 so that's how 11th Nov was made Pepero Day.

This year's is exceptionally special because it is the Millenium Peroro Day. It falls on 11th Nov 2011 (11.11.11) and only comes in a thousand years so if you miss this year's, you will have to wait a thousand years.

Whether or not it's a gimmick, let's be happy that we are able to witness this special day tomorrow!

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